Friday, February 12, 2010

Darksiders Mini-Boss Kills

I worked on a couple of the Mini-Bosses in Darksiders. The one I did the most work on was the Brood Mother in the Iron Canopy level. I am pretty happy with how that creature turned out. We put in a lot of long nights doing the animation and design for that encounter, but it was really well received. I did all of the animations for the Brood Mother, and I thought it would be neat to show a raw playblast from 3d Studio Max with no sound or anything fancy (except, of course, for my awesome placeholder effects.)

And here is the final version that shipped with Darksiders.

This is another of the Mini-Boss kills I did. It was for the Abyssal Rider mini-boss who has your horse, Ruin. I really like this one. It's simple and to the point. Unfortunately I don't have a raw playblast from 3D Studio Max for this one. But, here is the final version that shipped with the game.

The other Mini-Boss kill I did was for the Shadow War encounter. That was one of the very last things we worked on in the game. I wasn't as pleased with how that one turned out. I was never really into the idea for what happens in it. I thought it was kind of silly you punch his arm and it explodes, but whatever. I did like the end of it though, after he changes back to his normal Shadow War from his Chaos Form and you finish him. Once again it's simple and to the point. A little anecdote about this kill was that for the Japanese version we had to change the camera in it so you couldn't actually see War decapitating him because in Japan you can't show a humanoid being decapitated. The more you know...

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